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Today the Dukes...

... Discuss recent plays including Scoville, Rococo and My Little Pony CCG;

... Interview Jamey Stegmaier from Stonemaier Games about his latest project on KickStarter Between Two Cities; and

... Review Star Wars: Imperia Assault.


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Today the Dukes are joined by returning, honary Duke Suzanne Sheldon. The three Dukes...

... Discuss recent plays including Imperial Assault, Scoville and Deus;

... Sean interviews Brian and Clayton from Overworld Games about their latest project Good Cop Bad Cap: Bombers and Traitors;

... Roll out their brand new rating system; and

... Review review Fantasy Flight Games' XCOM: The Board Game.


Find Suzanne on Twitter @425suzanne.

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Today the Dukes...

... Discuss recent plays including Escape: Zombie City and Camel Up!;

... Review Pandsaurus's/IDW Games' Machi Koro and its Harbor expansion; and

... discuss their rating system.

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Today the Dukes are joined by honary Dukes Matthew Ward and Max Wagner; they...

... Discuss recent plays including XCOM: The Board Game, Harbour and Imperial Assault;

... Review Stonemaier Games' Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia; and

... discuss the role of luck in board games.


Don't forget our contest:

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