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This episode the Dukes are joined by Rodney Smith from Watch It Played! - the Dukes ... 

... Discuss recent plays of Clank and Inis at Marty Connell's B-day Weekend, Julius Caesar, Santorini, Guild Ball, Star Wars Destiny, DOOM: The Board game and Sean discusses his experience at Empire Board Game Library's Gamers' Garage Sale (6:40);

... Discuss the latest gaming news including Portal Games' troubles with PayPal, the housing lotter for GenCon, the announcement of the new expansion fro Mottainai: Wutai Mountain and the Kickstarter for the Two Rooms and a Boom expansion Necroboomicon (48:43);

...Give you their Top 6 Games that are Difficult to Teach (relative to their weight) (01:06:05); and

... Rodney answers listeners' questions from the Duchy Mailbag (02:17:29).


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