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This episode the Dukes ... 

... Discuss recent plays including Arboretum, Starship Catan, Castellion, The World of SMOG: On Her Majesty's Service, Freedom: The Underground Railroad, Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition (3:01);

... Discuss the latest board game news including a Pandemic Legacy reaching the #1 spot on BGG, the new solo variant from Days of Wonder for Five Tribes and the new Kickstarter for The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera (23:38);

... Review Z-Man Games' Glass Road (32:12);

... Look back at their reviews of Sheriff of Nottingham and BANG! The Dice Game in their Dukes' Doubletake (1:02:31); and

... Discuss  how they've evolved as gamers in this last year (1:08:50).


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