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Today the Dukes... 

... Reveal Alex's mystery game for Sean (5:17);

... Discuss recent plays including Baseball Highlights 2045, Alchemists, Traders of Osaka, Viceroy, and some previews from Level 99 Games: Resistor, Dragon Punch and Exceed (15:24);

... Talk the latest board game news, including the 3rd Edition of Fury of Dracula announced by Fantasy Flight Games, the designer diary highlighting the changes between the Polish and American versions of Mysterium, and the re-Kickstarter for Dice Hate Me Games' New Bedford (29:39); 

... Review North Star Games' expansion to Evolution, Evolution: Flight (38:38); and

... Explain what #GenCant is and talk about their anticipated games from GenCon 2015 (1:08:29).


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